1. Falling


Im falling down and there's sparks flying all around
And I don't know when I'll hit the ground cos Im still falling
And the earth there around me seems so small
And I don't think they'll hear me if I call
I'm leaving here I never had the time to take a bow
All I know is that I miss you now and I'm still falling
I guess I never had my life under control
And the world there underway feet seems so small
But you can't save me now, you can't save me now (repeat)
All that I can feel is the wind around me
Don't cry now cos we can't stop this gravity
All I feel is the wind round me now
But I wish that I could get to you somehow
But you can't save me now.......
I've had my day and now im on my way
Don't cry now don't begin to ask me now this universe is random
Where is my angel now did you abandon me?
But Im not afraid of falling now.