From the recording Lusitanian Heroes

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Hannibal, although it is little-known, was born to a Lusitanian mother. His father was Hamilcar Barca, who was on a journey to Carthage when she went into labours. They stopped in the Balearic Islands. Hannibal was born on the island of Formantosa.


A man of Carthaginian fame and your mother was a Lusitanian flame
You were a man just like the others, so many different ways
Tears of joy and sadness set hopes of yours ablaze
A father that put hopes in you and a mother that would care
Then you sailed across the oceans into Spain
Hannibal’s your name, and you grew up with your brother and you walked the hills and plains
Hannibal you gave up the hopes of living in an ordinary way
You were a Carthaginian flame everyone knows your name
Well now the Lusitanian people put in you their hopes and dreams
And the future of their nation will be with you so it seems
Getting ready for the battle and the Transalpine climb
They’re gonna leave their homes and families take whatever chance they find
Hannibal, Hannibal a man of carthaginian fame set the world on fire
But your mother was a Lusitanian flame
Then you left across the mountains and with elephants and men
Horses by their thousands you left the plains of Spain
And although you were outnumbered by the Roman legions there
You had trained your men so well confront you more no man would dare
You came to the gates of Rome, you came to the gates of Rome
Hannibal, Hannibal.