From the recording Lusitanian Heroes

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This is a song about the friendship between a horse and his rider in Lusitania.


I watch the rising sun a crystal sky
So many different sounds, so far from the battle cry
And there’s a wind on my face and my horse is breathing softly
I feel the warmth of his body next to mine as the sun rises above me
There’s a freshness in the wind and it’s just my horse and I
The sun rising in the east in this Lusitanian sky
We’re far from the battle noise and where winning is the prize
I feel the warmth of your body next to mine
My horse it’s just you and I
And when the night will fall you know that I have loved you
In this crystal sky cos soon the battle’s on us and some will live or die
But right now here under this Lusitanian sky with the wind blowing softly
My horse it’s just you and I